Half Marathon

Starting from the Kinloch Domain you will head left onto Mata Place, and follow the roads and through the Marine Terrace Recreation Reserve, then into Boojum Dell. A left onto the W2K track will get you into single trail heaven. 

At the top of the climb, you will turn right onto the Kinloch Headland Loop Track, taking in the magnificent views of Lake Taupo and the snow-capped mountains before turning left to return along the W2K track. 

Back in Kinloch, you will cross Boojum Dell into the gully and follow the Boardwalk down to the lake front. Head along the lakefront to the Marina and over the bridge, you will hear the music and MC as you near the finish line at the Kinloch Domain.

  Course Map

Start Information

The start is at Kinloch Domain

Start time - 9.00am waved with runners first, followed by walkers


Due to the remote nature of this course, there will be NO aid stations on the half marathon course, except at the start and finish line. We recommend you carry your own hydration and snacks.

Toilets are at the 14km mark and Kinloch Domain.


The course will have roving marshals and first aid.  If you come across an injured person check they are ok, send someone forward to the next marshal for help.  All marshals are in radio/phone contact with Event HQ. Unless the injury is serious anyone needing transport back to the finish will come back with tail end charlie. 

First Aid is also provided by Peak Safety at the finish line.

Compulsory Gear

After spending a lot of time out on the course and working with our safety experts we have compiled a compulsory gear list for this event. We have beefed it up a bit for your safety, which is our number one priority.

All participants of the Marathon and Half Marathon - will be required to have the compulsory gear items at registration.  Gear checks will be carried out at registration and there will also be random checks on Saturday morning at the start line and throughout the course. If you do not have the correct gear you will not be allowed to continue on the course. This is for your own safety. The course takes part in an alpine environment in spring where conditions can change rapidly and you need to be prepared. Please do not underestimate how quickly the weather can change in this region.

There are four compulsory gear options. The decision about which option you will need to take on course will be made prior to the event depending on the weather forecast. 

  • Option 1: No complusory gear needed
  • Option 2 : Long sleeve top (polyprop or wool), beanie (polyprop or wool), survival blanket
  • Option 3: Long sleeve top (polyprop or wool), beanie (polyprop or wool), survival blanket, seam sealed jacket, gloves (polyprop or wool)
  • Option 4: Long sleeve top (polyprop or wool), beanie (polyprop or wool), survival blanket, seam sealed jacket, gloves (polyprop or wool), tights